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The Operating System for Real time Movies


RTMS Hardware

RTMS Scan Stage, Natak Face Helmet ...

Image is about RTMS scan stage

Seamless Integration, Superior Efficiency 

Discover the power of harmony between hardware and software. Our custom solutions are designed where each element complements the other, ensuring unparalleled efficiency in real-time systems. Experience the synergy that elevates your filmmaking process.

RTMS Software

Movie Colab, Natak Face Solver ...



Crafting Visual Wonders, Instantly!

Step into the world of our Real Time Movie Studio, where we transform your ideas into cinematic reality, instantly. With cutting-edge technology and real-time prowess, our expert team ensures your vision shines from pre-visualization to final render. Say goodbye to post-production delays and hello to creative agility. Join us and reimagine filmmaking with virtual production at its core.


Digital Assets, Virtual Sets, and Environment Creation

Our tech stack allows to iterate and modify assets and change the look and feel of the scenes in no time.

plane scene in shoorver, the scene was prodced by viga e t

Collaboration with Epic Games

We are a preferred Service Partner for Epic Games. We leverage on Unreal Engine’s real time real-time rendering capability.


Unreal Engine 5 delivers stunning visuals and photorealistic human characters in record time, surpassing traditional animation pipelines. With real-time assessment of animation, lighting, and effects, it offers unmatched flexibility and efficiency.

3D Facial Reconstruction

Using photo scans allows us to reconstruct the faces of the actors in 3D which we can then modify as required.

3d facial reconstruction of sudip kichap face for the viktrant rona movie

AI Driven Motion Capture

Our cutting-edge AI motion capture solution eliminates the need for prohibitively expensive equipment and cumbersome suits, replacing them with a handful of off-the-shelf cameras.

AI Driven Facial Capture & Processing

Our facial performance processing solver allows us to effectively capture the actor's performance and view it live on the animated characters giving us the flexibility to modify and perfect every shot.

Virtual Cinematography 

& Lighting

Our technology allows the director to walk right into the animated scene and shoot with the camera as one would in real-time live action filmmaking.


It allows us to change or modify the lighting and effects as we shoot in real time with just few clicks.


First Company in India to work on OTT content using RTMS (real-time movie studio)


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Natak Face Solve application interface displaying a close-up of a person's face with facial landmarks and expression analysis. The screen shows various points marked on the face, indicating the detection and tracking of facial features.

Natak Face Solver

 Image is about 3D model of Sudeep Kichaa which is  developed by Viga ET by using Natak construct software

Natak Reconstruct


Natak Face Helmet

Image is about The RTMS Scan Stage developed by Viga Ettertainment, a state-of-the-art scanning platform for high-resolution 3D modeling and scanning

RTMS Scan Stage

Image is about the Natak Gloves developed by Viga ET, a wearable device for motion capture and hand tracking.

Natak Gloves

Console Box

RTMS Virtual Camera

Wireless Tripod





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