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The creation of stunning visuals to accompany musical compositions by Viga ET, combining computer-generated graphics and animation. The image showcases a mesmerizing visual display synchronized with music, featuring intricate and vibrant computer-generated graphics, and dynamic animated elements


Where Imagination meets Artistry, dive into the exquisite world of Detailed Visualization


We, at Viga ET understand that every beat carries a story, and our commitment to excellence ensures that your music videos receive the attention they deserve. Let our expertise in computer graphics elevate your production, adding a layer of creativity that amplifies the impact of your musical expression.

Immerse your audience in a visual symphony that transcends the ordinary, with RTMS leading the way in crafting extraordinary visual experiences for the world of music.

At RTMS, we bring music videos to life through unparalleled visual storytelling and stunning graphics, enhancing your artistic vision with every frame.




Cutting-Edge Location Creation

Designing a wide range of environments, from hyper-realistic to stylized, to bring any music video concept to life.

Artistic Direction Expertise

Skilled in creating artful and visually stunning music videos with the latest artistic trends.

Advanced Motion Capture Technology

Utilizing motion capture gear and facial capture with head-mounted cameras for dynamic performance capture.

Simultaneous Human Tracking

RGB-based motion capture capable of tracking multiple performers simultaneously.

Customized Character and Costume Design

Offering bespoke character and costume creation to match the unique vision of each music video.


Elevated Aesthetic Appeal

Producing visually striking music videos that stand out in the market.

High-Quality Animation

Ensuring clean, precise, and high-quality animation through robust data cleanup and processing.

Flexible Asset Creation

Ability to incorporate any required assets, props, or effects, including fire and fluid simulations.

Efficient 3D Pipeline

Streamlined processes for quick and effective production, enhancing the director's creative control.

Real-Time Editing Capabilities

Facilitating real-time edits for immediate visualization and decision-making.

Diverse Music Video Styles

Proficiency in creating a variety of music video styles to cater to different artistic preferences.

Innovative Motion Capture Use

Expertise in capturing complex dance movements and facial expressions for a more authentic performance.

State-of-the-Art Character Animation

Delivering lifelike and engaging character animations to complement the music video's narrative.

Creative Environmental Design

Crafting unique and immersive settings that elevate the visual storytelling of music videos.

Audio-Driven Visualization

Specializing in breaking down music into visual components for a synchronized audio-visual experience.


From the intricacies of planning to the flawless execution, explore our narratives of expertise.


Bohemian Rhapsody: A 360° Google VR Musical

Revolutionizing Rhythm: Michael Jackson’s Synthesized Audio-Visual Extravaganza


Advanced Real-Time Engines

Using the latest real-time engines for swift and efficient video production.

Seamless Integration of Visuals and Audio

Expertise in blending audio elements with visual effects for a cohesive music video experience.

Dynamic Effect Simulations

Creating realistic and impactful visual effects that align with the music's rhythm and mood.

High-Fidelity Performance Capture

Ensuring accurate and detailed capture of artists' performances for authentic expression.

Innovative Editing Techniques

Utilizing sensor-driven technology for intuitive and creative editing processes.



Tailored Music Video Solutions: Customizing every aspect of the music video to align with the artist’s vision and style.

Genre Versatility: Ability to produce music videos across various music genres and artistic themes.

Collaborative Creative Process: Engaging closely with artists and directors to ensure their vision is accurately captured.

Scalable Production Capabilities: Adapting to projects of different scales, from independent artists to major music labels.

Format Adaptability: Delivering music videos in formats suitable for multiple platforms, including online streaming and concert visuals.



Comprehensive Project Support: Providing ongoing assistance throughout the music video production process.

Continuous Technology Updates: Staying abreast of the latest developments in music video production technologies.

Post-Production Follow-Up: Ensuring client satisfaction and offering support post-project completion.

Dedicated Technical Team: Access to a team of experts for optimizing the music video production process.

Client Education and Guidance: Offering insights and guidance on utilizing the latest technologies and trends in music video production.

Evolve your Concepts into Refined Realities with

Viga ET

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