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Tangible Utopia: Crafting Dreams in Virtual Worlds for Children's Education

Project type

Education in VR


June 2021



Viga's computer graphics team is proud to have contributed to the visionary project "Tangible Utopia," an immersive virtual reality experience designed for children. Directed by the talented Ioana and based in Romania, this project presents a unique blend of education and technology, allowing children to construct and explore their dream cities on a grand scale.

The core of "Tangible Utopia" lies in its interactive elements, which were meticulously developed by our team. These elements create a dynamic and engaging virtual world where children can freely express their creativity and learn through interactive play. The project required our team to focus on real-time optimizations, ensuring that the VR experience was visually stunning but also fluid and responsive.

One of the project's key challenges was to render a visually impressive world optimized for the nuances of children's interaction in VR. Our team achieved this by integrating eye-catching designs with sophisticated yet child-friendly interfaces. This approach made the virtual world of "Tangible Utopia" a delightful and educational space for children to explore and learn.

"Tangible Utopia" marks our first significant foray into the realm of educational platforms using virtual reality. The project aligns with our long-standing interest in leveraging VR for educational purposes, particularly for children. Through this project, we have successfully demonstrated the potential of VR as a powerful tool in the education sector, creating meaningful and impactful learning experiences.

We at Viga are thrilled to have been part of "Tangible Utopia," a project that not only pushes the boundaries of VR technology in education but also enriches the lives of children by enabling them to visualize and build their dreams in a virtual setting. This project is a testament to our commitment to innovative technology and its potential to transform educational experiences.

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