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Why are we creating new tech for making art?

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

From the time we know art has always been an integral part of any society. From thousands of years, art has been at the forefront of preserving the culture and the values and then evolving them as well. To make good art, various techniques and tools were consistently innovated to cater to the thoughts that humans were thinking.

As time went on, we started with a digital revolution where we started to preserve and share our knowledge through a digital medium. In recent years we have been seeing some incredible revolution in how we create and consume art across the world.

We wanted to take a sneak peek into it and tell why focusing on newer technologies to create art would be helpful for the society as a whole.


Modern education is increasing in complexity as new information comes in. The amount of information someone has to process is higher than before. But at the same time, newer education methods are also rolling out. Making art uses a lot of technology in the modern world. Consuming art is fun for many people, but not many have realized that the art they love was made using several concepts they learnt during their education. Helping students realize that the theoretical knowledge that they learn is actually being used to make the art that they love would make education much more appealing. And if they are allowed to create tools to make art, their appreciation for it increases even more. This can be compared to what one feels when playing a game versus what one feels when creating a game. Seeing the knowledge learnt in a visual output medium makes learning easy and appreciate the innovations of man. Also, from a teacher perspective education can be filled with more intuition rather than derivation of formulas. With these advantages, we can see that bringing up a culture of creating technology by making the tools required to make art will make education more of a joy for everyone.


Every industry needs innovation to keep it up and to run, by focusing on creating new technology and tools for the art industry, it not only helps in making visually pleasing results but also helps in using the knowledge gained during the process to other industries. Many examples can be seen where tech that was innovated for making real-time gaming has been used in many scientific explorations and visualization. This relates to the knowledge required by someone to use a camera versus the knowledge required by someone to make a camera. The knowledge learnt in making a camera is used in multiple industries even though a camera was meant for capturing moments of life as an art form. Economics:

The economy of a society is related to the productivity and growth in the products it can produce. If an economy does not innovate over a period of time, it will run of ways to sustain. With innovations happening regularly by building new tools to make art, new job opportunities can be created. The audience would get to have new experiences, and in the process, new markets would open up in an economy. For any technology to progress it would require new ways of training a human workforce, and they can, in turn, create more jobs by starting new businesses. This chain of economic activity is possible by creating new technologies. Once the jobs are created, it would bring down the cost of entertainment as well so that more people can enter the field of content creation and making art. The creation of art will get cheaper and consumption as well; this way, more people can afford to have access to good art.


We initially stated that art helps in preserving culture, and this would have a direct impact if new technologies are created to help make it. The fact that now more people can afford to make art and spread it means more people can learn from it and share their ideas or viewpoints to the world. When multiple cultures get access to these tools with their own innovations, diversity of thoughts can be promoted rather than getting saturated with thoughts from one particular culture. All cultures with these tools can harness the mass media communication power of entertainment. When new cultures are shown the light in the world of art, multiple viewpoints and values can be harnessed by society. The fact that innovation and technology exist in their local languages can help make the art represent the true form of its culture. Conclusion:

These are some of the impacts of innovating new technologies and tools to make art. It not only helps in the above reasons but can give originality to the thinking and helps share the thoughts that were once impossible to communicate. Even though globalization has helped promote and share software and hardware across the world, but when there is no innovation in society, it only makes people be button operators. It does not encourage the understanding of in-depth knowledge in the field of study, which is what causes the quality of art to diminish without the knowledge of the artist. While they are trying to figure why are they not able to achieve their vision they would be blindsided by the fact that the innovators who created the software and hardware don't exist among them, and hence they can't use the tool to its best ability. They only learnt how to drive a car but do not have the mechanics who know how the engine works. At Viga Entertainment Technology we are the mechanics who can operate the engines and will be showcasing out innovations from time to time. Looking forward to sharing our work with all of you. Thank you !


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