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We indeed connect minds, creating the future-Expo2020

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

Dubai is set to host one of the largest expositions in recent times, allowing countries to create a fleeting miniature world, a microcosm of global progress and dialogue. Expo2020 will be held from October 1 2021 till 31 March 2022. In this pandemic riddled world, the theme ‘Connecting Minds and Creating the Future’ is expected to inspire people through the sub-themes of sustainability, mobility and opportunity.

Expo Dubai

Through sustainability, they aim to showcase what countries are doing to champion sustainability and experience how the human race can enjoy living in harmony with nature in a high-tech future. Through mobility, they imply connections to drive the world forward, breaking down the divide between the physical and digital worlds. Eventually, through opportunity, they focus on focus on how our lives and actions are interconnected.

Being one of the most awaited events globally since 2020, the hype cannot be contained. Apart from showcasing business ventures and opportunities, the world expo will hold spectacular shows including architectural marvels, ecology, cuisine and culture. They want to have a real impact on the world and shape and mould the world together by integrating the different components that the world consists of. Bringing it all together under a single roof makes them the world's largest meeting place and offers many opportunities such as networking and promoting international relationships.

Being a globally esteemed event, the administration has a lot of responsibilities that come along with the organisation of the event. The purpose of an Expo is to connect countries with innovative and collaborative partnership programs that accelerate and promote solutions that improve lives while protecting the planet but they also use this platform to also spread awareness and shed light on the challenges faced by humanity on a global scale.

The Expo2020 in Dubai is set to welcome 190 participating countries with an estimated 25 million visitors from across the globe. India being one of them, sees Viga Entertainment Technology as the only tech-related start-up in this edition of the Expo. The new upcoming concept of the metaverse, wherein we connect the digital world to the physical world, bridging that gap, we capitalised on this opportunity to provide a better experience. Collaborating with the main participant of this Expo in terms of metaverse, Magnopus, we aim to be boundless. Being based in Bangalore, we were given the responsibility for location-based entertainment solutions. Ironically, with some out of the box thinking, we keep perfecting our technology. With the problem statement of awareness of our surroundings and the visualisation of Augmented Reality objects in the digital world, we worked closely with Google’s AR team to manage solutions. Viga brought about the entire Google Cloud Anchor with collaboration with Google and Magnopus to bring new large scale AR experiences throughout Expo. This is said to be the future for conferencing and large-scale events making it a much more interactive experience.

A group of members who are the part of EXPO

Being a company that believes in collaboration to fuel thoughts and better execution, we are proud to bring to you our experiences and products during this period. Do stay tuned as we have a lot of exciting things coming your way, and keep a lookout for our social media for timely updates.

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