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Unreal Short | Nirvana | AR Rahman

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

We got the chance to take part in the Unreal Shorts India Program a few months ago. The purpose was to produce a 5-minute short film with the assistance of a production house. Mr AR Rahman and Quiki were our collaborating partners.

The team developed a very challenging script that was taken up and carried out to the best possible result within the constraints of time and money by our creative director Vivekanand.

We're releasing the trailer now and will post the full short in the next few months. This short film was produced with Movie Colab, which has the finest real-time pipeline solutions. With our tool, Movie Colab, making a real-time movie gets simpler.

A case study on how we employed movie colab in the creation of Nirvana will be published shortly.

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