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The future of Filmmaking - What we do.

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

Change is the only constant. Like most other things, storytelling has also evolved over the years to reach where it has. From literature to poetry to motion pictures, a simple story can be told in so many different ways.

Imagine a world where movies like Avatar, Lion King and the Jungle book just remained ideas. Dull, isn’t it? Over the last year, when the country was under a complete lockdown, India’s entertainment industry generated 1.7 trillion rupees in the financial year, a growth of about 9%. For a country with such vast demand, the potential is never ending.

In the modern world where entertainment is a getaway from our fast-paced lives, Viga Entertainment Technology is a breath of fresh air and is taking over India’s virtual film space one step at a time. We aim to revolutionise the virtual filmmaking space and have a pioneer who has already accomplished that not just in India but also in Hollywood by merging art and technology. Being hardware and software developers, we customise this to enrich the content and bring ideas alive. Until recently, VFX was thought to be the most efficient way for making virtual films, but with changing times, came changing technology. At Viga, we adopt a cutting-edge technology in real-time, virtual filmmaking. We are one among the first few developers to be using this technology in India and have a team fully equipped to use these tools.

Digital Art

Virtual Production and Real time filmmaking are the product of a seamless combination of AR (Augmented Reality), VR (Virtual Reality), gaming engines (Unreal Engine, Unity), and a lot of computer graphics (Computer Generated Imagery). Such real-time in-camera technology creates an immersive environment that adds significantly to the storytelling and filmmaking process. The traditional chroma (green screen and blue screen) shooting is no longer necessary. LED screens with a planned backdrop have taken its place. The background may be CG or a live action shooting plate. This framework provides a fully immersive filmmaking environment.

As this is a relatively new concept in India, let us paint you a picture. Imagine being one among the Avatars, being inside the screen that you watch the movie on, I, personally would be lying if I said I had never thought of it as a kid. That is the kind of technology we use to produce the films you watch. It gives the producers a much more realistic view to base the film on and also helps them review the characters, making decisions much easier. This allows filmmakers to build shots based on what "feels" right, rather than looking at a screen and guessing where things might go when something doesn't feel right, and they can do it instantly without having to move heavy equipment for hours. It is also much more efficient as it all happens then and there and is all done on set giving so much more control to the director, opening vast arenas for filmmaking in general.

Viga also aims to not just create but also solve problems by experimenting and innovating with existing technology.

We look to create, we look to innovate, we look to empower. Viga Entertainment Technology takes ideas to the next level. It makes you feel movies and not just watch them. It makes every film an experience. Who knew that your eyes could feed your soul!


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