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Tangible Utopias - Revolutionizing perception

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

What is ‘Tangible Utopias’ and why it stands out?

Tangible Utopias is a first-person Virtual Reality experience that immerses the viewer in a voyage of possible future city situations inspired by children's imaginations from all over the world. The project is a continuation of Government of Children, a civic perception transmedia environment, consisting of 3D cinema, Virtual Reality and the web, that encourages children from all over the world to perceive themselves as leaders and to shape their own vision for society in the future. It gives us a sneak-peek into Urban Futurism. Basically, immersing adults into a world as seen from the lens of a child. It shows us a raw, unorthodox and unbiased picture of society and what it could be. We at Viga, were influential in the making of this video and worked closely with Ioana Mischie, the brain of the entire project, as well as a Romanian filmmaking team. We enhanced the entire experience to try to make it feel as abstract as possible, like a virtual world run by young minds. They did not have any restrictions while immersed in it, the sun could rise from the directions they wished for it to, buildings could change colours according to their whims and could customise nearly every aspect of that world. Children could use this space as an escape from the ordinary, being the real world and express themselves freely. The main aim of this project was to give a realistic feel to the virtual world while, at the same time, giving as much leeway to the user.

Tangible Utopias

Post conversation with our Unreal Engineer Abhinav Sonowal and Creative Director Vivek Anand B, it was evidently clear as to how Viga made this process very seamless and efficient as communication was simplified. The faith shown in each and everyone made it a much smoother process implying almost no time lag for this project without compromising on the quality. Embodying the main aim of the project, we wanted to be a liberal and creative space where we thrive to bring to you the best possible content, allowing our creators to express as much without any blinkers.

Tangible Utopias aims to design an alternative multi-layered futuristic society where the users have the ability to personalise and change the ever-expanding dynamic universe based on their own perception. Each user receives his or her own personalised utopia at the end of the experience, which serves as both an artistic souvenir and an awareness tool for advocating more ethical and futuristic cities.

The Spheres Cities X Tangible Utopias

Starting out with the Spheres City project, the entire idea of Tangible Utopias started catching wind and got heads turning. According to children they could relate this habitat to nature and bring to life the beauty of mobile and floating dwellings that would support community living and also imagine hotspots that are equally built for animals and humans.



Transforming this space got this project a lot of recognition at a global level and got it several accolades at film festivals. It began as the first VR franchise that engages us in what it might be like to live in a society built on more playful and unconventional societal ideals. It was the winner at the Open Frame Awards for acknowledging the long term ambition of this meaningful project that will develop and grow over the coming years, giving a voice to children in such a creative way, embracing and celebrating them as our true hope for our global future.

The spheres city-Tangible Utopias

Boundless Possibilities

The birth of this project also extends to show us how big Virtual Reality and transmedia can be. If franchised it can accelerate not only our creative capacity but also the quality of life in the long term.

The process used for this project also has endless applications in the film industry, especially during these times, during the pandemic when movement is limited, an entire animation picture can be made in one place. This project supports the use of Virtual Reality for meaningful purposes like promoting civic engagement and has layers of an edutainment project, which combines education and entertainment for both children and adults.


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