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Making first real-time music video in India.

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

In March of 2020, our team at Viga Entertainment got together to make a music video. The goal was to make a real-time music video with great quality. In order to proceed, we needed to choose a song which is fast-paced and also deserves a great music video, we choose Mr AR Rahman's composition from Slumdog Millionaire titled Mausam and Escape.

Since this was to real-time, we started testing different art styles for the character and experimented with a few. We did not have face capture and finger capture available, so we choose to with a character design which does not require face and finger movement. We started using Rokoku smart suit pro and tried out a few variations in the pipeline.

Once we knew this is possible, our team designed some beautiful environments and mixed with a few character designs as well. We wanted to show effect like fire and fur in real-time and hence put them together as well.

Once the characters and environments were set, we used our RTMS mocap stage and real-time shot virtual cameras. The virtual cameras were using the iPad Unreal Remote app to capture camera add and was recorded in sequencer. For some shots, we felt we could do with just animation and hence went with it.

Finally, we recorded multiple takes for different dance moves and were editing within the sequencer, as a sequence felt good, we were exporting to Resolve as video clips and editing to music. Which went through a few iterations, but overall this is the output we were able to achieve.


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