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Dethroning VFX with Real-time rendering

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

When the official trailer of India’s most expensive movie, “Baahubali” was released, it amassed a massive 12 million views on it. The lush landscapes and amazing fight scenes were the fuel that drove more and more people to watch the trailer and subsequently the film and the rest is history. Movies like “Avatar” and “Deadpool” have also found amazing success and this is credited to captivating and inspiring visual effects and animation. The demand for such work worldwide is increasing as people realise its potential and ability to transform the digital landscape to create larger than life frames and pictures. However, VFX and animation are still seen as a secondary medium for content creation, wherein it is much more than what it is perceived to be. It allows filmmakers to create environments, objects, creatures, and even people that would otherwise be impractical or impossible to film in the context of a live-action shot. In filmmaking, it frequently involves the integration of live-action footage with computer-generated imagery. VFX has the power of storytelling, it has the power to convey something while retaining and attracting the attention of the viewers. Visual Effects give the narrator the ability to express themselves freely. The narrator is fully in control of the extent to which the emotions or drama should be included.

A man  and visual effects by using vfx

However, the pandemic has seen a change in the way stories are told. Due to the strict lockdown followed all over the world, filmmakers had to come up with innovative ways to release their content, leading to the rise of this industry. This industry has seen tremendous possibilities made more captivating. But the VFX industry merely built the platform for the emergence of a much more productive and influential industry – Real-time rendering.

At Viga, we play around with technology in order to bring to you the best experience possible, we take VFX the step further and engage in real-time rendering which is a primary area we are involved in. Real-Time Rendering is pretty much exactly what it sounds like: animations that are rendered so quickly they are generated in absolute real-time. In simple terms, this is an upgraded version of visual effects and animation taking it a step forward. Being a revolutionary concept, Viga Entertainment Technology is among the first in the country to introduce this abstraction to society. It is any filmmakers preferred choice as it is time effective, cost-efficient and efficient. It enables the user to create content under a roof and adds realism to the entire idea. In short, it brings any idea alive and is as effective, if not more, than VFX and animation.

A man and Animating an animal

With changing times, we have to change our approach and look toward invention and that is why the presence of Real-time rendering has the ability to change the face of filmmaking in the long term. As VFX is a pretty old technique, we look for a more efficient mode of implementing the same thing but in a much more convenient way with better quality, this is where we come into the picture. We have created super realistic and immersing visuals with the use of this technology without compromising on the quality, actually improving upon it.

Although this industry is very neglected in a country like India, a few companies like ours are trying to make this shift to encourage budding artists and aspirants. While it has grown beyond commercial films, and are also a part of business strategies with big brands. As the name suggests, Visual effects enhance a scene entirely to make it more fascinating to a viewer and is growing to be a part of innumerable industries. In the film industry though, this can give an edge to a movie over others, its cutting-edge technology can save filmmakers a lot of money too. Alternatively, it can make you visualise things that don’t exist, working the brain and increasing creativity. Visual mediums, both locally and abroad are tending to make the shift toward visual effects and animation for visual aid as well as to reap the additional benefit of cost-cutting.

Three members and animating a scene

Coming to the number game, the Indian visual effects and animation industry currently accounts for 10% of the global market share. This number has the potential to go up to 25% by 2025, thereby increasing the nations GDP. Over the years Indian companies have also been lauded for their work in this field in several Hollywood films. India must start building its AVCG industry due to its immense potential. With a little belief and quality education, the industry could go a long way and revolutionise sectors beyond our imagination. This sector has immeasurable potential.

With India aiming to be a self-reliant country, the exponential growth of this sector can demonstrate the soft power of the nation. Being in one of the states where technology is constantly booming, we at Viga aim to promote not just ourselves but the tech we bring with us as well. With the sole aim of revolutionising the film industry by providing solutions for real-time filmmaking, we want to make a difference and leave a mark. We have a team of highly skilled artists who are always looking to experiment with the technology to provide optimum results for the best experience for you.

Image has two people and they doing real time rendering for a scene

To conclude, VFX and animation hold significance in a fast-paced, ever-changing world with constantly increasing digital dynamics. But with the presence of a stronger force being real-time moviemaking, proving to be more efficient, it pushes the industry to make this shift. As we continuously get immersed in the parallel virtual universe, it is but natural that this sector will hold an incredible importance in our lives.


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