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Vikrant Rona: Pioneering Previsualization in Film Production

Project type

Previz for action scenes


Mar 2021



The "Vikram Rona" project presented our team at RTMS with a unique set of challenges in film previsualization. Tasked with transforming initial conceptual sketches into 3D visualizations, we focused on accurately depicting the film's complex action sequences and elaborate settings.

Our involvement in this project primarily centred on creating detailed digital models for key scenes. This included the construction of a grand kingdom-like environment and visualising intense action sequences involving a rider. Precision was crucial in our process, as we took extensive measurements and photographic scans to ensure the digital models aligned closely with the physical elements planned for the film.

We experienced a dynamic and demanding collaboration with the client throughout the project. Their high expectations and frequent requests for revisions presented challenges and opportunities for our team to adapt and refine our work. This iterative process, though rigorous, was instrumental in shaping the final previsualizations.

The project underscored the importance of flexibility and resilience in film production, especially in the previsualization stage. While the journey with "Vikram Rona" was complex, it provided valuable insights into managing and executing large-scale film projects under demanding circumstances.

Our work on "Vikram Rona" reflects RTMS's commitment to meeting the evolving needs of film production, adapting our skills and technologies to various challenges, and striving to bridge the gap between conceptual designs and realizable cinematic sequences.

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