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Nirvana: A Pioneering Animated Venture by A.R. Rahman and Viga ET

Project type

Animated Short


June 2021



We at Viga ET are honoured to have collaborated with the Academy Award-winning composer Mr A.R. Rahman on the short film "Nirvana," a landmark project in the early days of RTMS technology. "Nirvana" stands out as a testament to our team's ability to navigate and overcome complex technical challenges in animation and digital storytelling.

This animated short film, created under the visionary guidance of Mr Rahman, was an ambitious endeavour that pushed the boundaries of digital human animation. The narrative complexity and the inclusion of advanced visual effects, coupled with a diverse cast of characters and animals, set a new standard for animated storytelling.

"Nirvana" gained significant recognition, ranking among the top five entries in the Unreal Engine Short Film Contest. This achievement was made possible by the continuous and iterative feedback process, a hallmark of Mr. Rahman’s dynamic storytelling approach. Our use of real-time game engines facilitated this iterative process, allowing for rapid adjustments and enhancements to the film, thus shaping it into a masterpiece of visual and narrative art.

The film features one of the highest numbers of characters interacting within a single environment, a technical feat that underscores Viga ET's capabilities in handling complex animation projects. "Nirvana" is not just a film; it is a showcase of the intricate and powerful storytelling that can be achieved through the synergy of artistic vision and cutting-edge technology.

We deeply thank Mr. A.R. Rahman for entrusting Viga ET with this incredible project. "Nirvana" remains a shining example of our commitment to excellence in animated film production.

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