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Heart of Akhnar: AI-Enhanced Previsualization in Sci-Fi Storytelling

Project type

AI based Previz


June 2023



RTMS is proud to introduce "Heart of Akhnar," our first original intellectual property in science fiction. This project represented a significant challenge in previsualization, necessitating meticulous planning and innovative techniques to bring a complex sci-fi world to life.

The core objective of "Heart of Akhnar" was to establish a solid foundation for the story through high-quality previsualization. This process was crucial for planning our motion capture data and comprehending the depth and breadth of the sci-fi narrative. As an original IP, it was imperative that every element, from budgeting to scope, was preplanned with precision and creativity.

In this venture, we leveraged the power of artificial intelligence to enhance our previsualization process. AI-generated storyboards played a pivotal role, allowing us to visualize and revise the narrative efficiently. The integration of AI elements extended to our motion capture techniques, incorporating both advanced AI-based methods and iPhone-based capture technologies.

This blend of traditional storytelling and AI-driven technology facilitated a more dynamic and flexible previsualization phase. We could iterate and refine the story, ensuring it aligned perfectly with our vision before moving into production. The success of this process underscored the value of previsualization in storytelling, particularly in a genre as demanding and intricate as science fiction.

"Heart of Akhnar" is a testament to RTMS's commitment to pushing the boundaries of digital storytelling. It highlights our proficiency in combining cutting-edge technology with creative narratives, setting a new standard for previsualizing and planning ambitious film projects.

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