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Toto and Bobo: A Journey of Laughter through Animated Shorts

Project type

Animated Shorts


November 2023



RTMS is thrilled to present "Toto and Bobo," an original animated series created for distribution on Instagram and YouTube Shorts. This series is a delightful showcase of two characters, Toto and Bobo, who bring joy and laughter to viewers through their comedic adventures. Directed by our talented team at RTMS, each episode of "Toto and Bobo" is a one-minute short, consistently produced and released weekly.

Our primary goal with "Toto and Bobo" was to craft a series of entertaining shorts with memorable comedic effects. The series is designed to appeal to a broad audience, including children while maintaining a high standard of humour and entertainment. Each episode embodies a unique blend of charm and wit, making "Toto and Bobo" a captivating addition to any social media feed.

A significant challenge in this project was ensuring that the final pixels of each episode were consistent with the high-quality, visually appealing style we envisioned for the show. This required meticulous planning and execution within the real-time capabilities of our animation engine. Confirming the show's looks and aesthetics before its online debut was crucial to its success.

We take great pride in the outcome of "Toto and Bobo," which has been well-received by audiences and continues to grow in popularity with its weekly releases. The continuous loop of content creation has established a strong presence for the show and demonstrates the potential of real-time animation in producing high-quality, engaging content efficiently.

"Toto and Bobo" is an excellent showcase of our capabilities in creating immersive and entertaining animated stories. It is a testament to our team's creativity and technical proficiency, highlighting the possibilities of real-time animation in content creation for new clients and diverse audiences.

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