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Cutting-Edge Cinematics: Real-Time Rendering in Theatrical Release

Project type

Theatrical Cinematic


June 2022



Following the successful completion of previsualization tasks in the "Vikram Rona" project, our team at RTMS embarked on an ambitious journey to transition selected previsualizations into final cinematic frames. This phase presented one of our most advanced challenges to date: integrating real-time engine output into a theatrical release, a pioneering endeavour in the film industry.

The complexity and high stakes of producing content for theatrical release brought with it stringent cinematic requirements. This project transitioned from the previsualization stage to the final stage, demanding adherence to the highest standards of cinematic quality. We are grateful to the producers for entrusting us with this opportunity to demonstrate the technological prowess of real-time rendering in a commercial cinema setting.

Our team was tasked with crafting a 45-second high-intensity bike chase sequence, a vital part of the movie. This sequence showcased a digital human character, intricate environmental details, and advanced visual effects. The collaboration between our technical team and the film's director was marked by continuous iterations and feedback, which was instrumental in refining the sequence to its final form.

The success of the project was evidenced by the positive reviews it garnered from filmmakers and critics alike, praising the innovative use of digital humans, realistic environments, and the quality of the real-time rendered sequence. This achievement was particularly significant for us at RTMS, as it marked the first instance of a fully digital frame, rendered in real-time, being used in a theatrical release.

The accomplishment of this project stands as a proud milestone for RTMS, showcasing our capability to blend cutting-edge technology with traditional filmmaking techniques to produce groundbreaking cinematic content.

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