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Vajra Drone Showcase: Cinematic Visualization for Garuda Aerospace

Project type

Product Visualization


Nov 2022



Our recent collaboration with Garuda Aerospace embarked on an ambitious visualization project for their latest innovation, the "Vajra Drone." This state-of-the-art drone, crafted by Garuda's engineering team, required a compelling product demonstration aligned with its high quality and technical sophistication.

The project aimed to create a cinematic-quality visualization showcasing Vajra Drone's capabilities across diverse terrains and challenging scenarios. The RTMS team rose to this challenge, engaging in collaborative discussions with Garuda Aerospace to develop a captivating storyline. This creative partnership led to a two-minute screenplay, narratively illustrating the drone's features and versatility.

We focused on crafting visually stunning environments where the Vajra Dome could demonstrate its functionalities. The visualization included detailed textual descriptions of the drone's features, seamlessly integrated into the storyline. This approach ensured that the product's strengths were highlighted effectively, making the demonstration informative and visually engaging.

The final output was well-received, particularly during its showcase at the Defence Expo in Ahmedabad. The visualization garnered positive responses from marketing teams and attendees, contributing significantly to the client's sales process and brand recognition. The project's success was a testament to the harmonious collaboration between Garuda Aerospace and RTMS, and our ability to deliver high-quality cinematic visualizations.

We at RTMS are grateful to Garuda Aerospace for entrusting us with visualizing the Vajra Drone. This project exemplifies our commitment to providing top-tier visualization services, capable of enhancing product demonstrations with cinematic flair and narrative impact.

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