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Shoorveer: Pioneering Real-Time Rendering for High-Quality OTT Content

Project type

OTT Content


August 2022



Following our successful previsualization work on "Shoorveer," RTMS embarked on a critical project phase: producing the final pixel renderings for the actual TV show. This stage presented a formidable challenge - delivering high-quality imagery that met the stringent quality standards of Over-The-Top (OTT) platforms, such as Disney+.

Thanks to our robust in-house product, Movie Collab, our team was well-prepared for this task. This tool was instrumental in establishing an efficient and iterative workflow, enabling us to deliver approximately 650 shots within a remarkably short time frame. Our pipeline was meticulously designed to ensure quality at every step. Once the previsualization was approved, each shot underwent rigorous quality testing, with assets being refined to meet the high standards required for OTT content.

A key aspect of this project was our commitment to utilizing real-time engines exclusively for final output. This approach, while challenging, aligned with the core principles of RTMS and demonstrated our team's expertise in harnessing the power of real-time technology. The environments, effects, and overall visual fidelity were all achieved using real-time engines, without reliance on additional software.

The trust placed in us by the producers was a crucial factor in our success. Their confidence in our innovative techniques and technology-facilitated cost savings and accelerated the content creation process. The result was a TV show that received widespread acclaim for its visual fidelity, with numerous positive reviews from newspapers across India.

As we look forward to producing "Shoorveer" Season Two, we reflect on this project as a significant learning experience in refining our real-time content creation pipelines. The success of "Shoorveer" is a testament to our ability to push the boundaries of visual storytelling in the fast-evolving landscape of OTT media.

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