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Shoorveer: Elevating Aerial Combat Narratives Through Advanced Previsualization

Project type

Air combat previz


August 2022



For the TV show "Shoorveer," which spanned 10 episodes featuring intricate air combat manoeuvres, our team at RTMS embraced the challenge of transforming complex aerial sequences into coherent and dynamic visuals. Given the complexity of capturing aerial footage and choreographing flight sequences, traditional storyboarding proved inadequate for this project. Hence, we opted for a more innovative approach, utilizing Unreal Engine for 3D storyboarding and previsualization.

Working closely with the director and cinematographer, our task was to ensure that each air combat sequence was visually impressive and narratively coherent. Using references from the production team, we created basic camera movements and animations set against realistic sky backdrops. This initial phase allowed for an early assessment of the sequences' visual effectiveness.

A critical aspect of our work involved integrating the previsualized sequences with the editorial flow of the live-action footage. This process was instrumental in determining the effectiveness of the edit and ensuring that the visual narrative unfolded seamlessly. The previsualization enabled the production team to visualize how the shots would interact with each other and with the live-action elements, ensuring narrative consistency and visual harmony.

The use of virtual cameras in our previsualization process was a game-changer, offering enhanced options for cinematography. This technology allowed for experimenting with different angles and movements that would have been challenging to conceptualize in a traditional setting.

Our involvement in "Shoorveer" highlights the significance of previsualization in modern filmmaking, especially for projects requiring high technical and narrative precision. The success of the aerial combat sequences in "Shoorveer" is a testament to the RTMS team's ability to blend innovative technology with creative storytelling, resulting in a polished and captivating final product.

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