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Heart of Akhnar: Pioneering Sci-Fi Animation in India

Project type

Sci-Fi Series


December 2023



After successfully completing the previsualization phase, the RTMS team embarked on the final rendering of our animated film, "Heart of Akhnar." This phase of the project was a crucial step in bringing our ambitious science fiction series to life, representing a significant achievement in high-quality animation production in India.

With a comprehensive understanding of the required assets and camera blocking obtained from the previsualization work, our team was equipped to focus on the finer details. The high-quality assets, essential for the final render, underwent meticulous development, underscoring our commitment to delivering exceptional visual storytelling.

A major challenge in this project was achieving high-quality rendering and effects, particularly in portraying digital humans. The facial capture data underwent a detailed cleanup process, enhancing the final quality of the animations. This attention to detail ensured that every frame captured the essence of the characters and the sci-fi world we envisioned.

We also leveraged advanced game engine technologies like Niagara and Embergen for effect work. This enhanced the visual impact of "Heart of Akhnar" and demonstrated the immense capabilities of real-time game engines in producing high-quality cinematic content.

"Heart of Akhnar" is one of the first science fiction series episodes produced in India, a milestone for the country's animation industry. Furthermore, our work was recognized with a selection at the prestigious Animela International Animation Film Festival, a testament to the project's quality and appeal.

As we plan for more episodes in the series, "Heart of Akhnar" remains a symbol of our dedication to advancing the art of animation and storytelling. It showcases the potential of using game engine technology for high-quality rendering in the film industry, setting a new benchmark for future projects.

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