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Cave Nuclear Reactor: Immersive VR Training for Nuclear Facility Operations

Project type

Digital twin training


March 2020



At Viga ET, we recently embarked on an ambitious project to develop a virtual reality (VR) training module titled "Cave Nuclear Reactor." This cutting-edge program is designed specifically for the training and maintenance staff of nuclear reactor facilities. Our goal was to create an immersive, interactive environment that closely replicates the real-world setting of a nuclear reactor, fostering a comprehensive learning experience.

Our team meticulously mapped the layout of an actual nuclear facility, translating it into a real-time, 3D environment within the Unity platform. This approach allowed us to create a virtual space where users can walk through the entire facility, from start to finish, engaging with various training modules. These modules are carefully integrated into the virtual environment, allowing users to learn about and react to diverse scenarios they might encounter in an actual nuclear reactor setting.

A crucial aspect of this project was implementing real-time effects to simulate the reactor's operations, including the detailed physics of rod controls. These simulations authentically represent the reactor's functioning, which is crucial for effective training. Our commitment to realism extends beyond visual accuracy; it encompasses a nuclear reactor's functional and operational aspects, ensuring that the training is as practical as it is immersive.

The "Cave Nuclear Reactor" project demonstrates Viga's expertise in creating high-fidelity VR environments and our ability to adapt this technology for specialized training. This VR training module is a valuable tool for nuclear facilities, offering an accessible and detailed method for training their staff in a safe, controlled environment.

Moreover, our success with this project highlights Viga's potential to provide similar training solutions across various industries, including manufacturing. Our ability to tailor VR environments for specific operational training makes us a versatile and valuable partner for companies seeking innovative training solutions.

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