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Transistors to Pixels


We work on cutting edge entertainment technology solutions using cloud computing, machine learning and real-time rendering.

For the people , we are the people.
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We are passionate engineers based in the silicon valley of India - Bengaluru. We love art and science and hence work towards bringing them together to make memorable Entertainment. We believe in helping creators from different cultures to tell their stories without being hindered by access to technology. To enable that is our mission and as each day goes by, we are inching closer to it.

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Collaborate with us

We believe great things are possible with the collaboration of people from different backgrounds, our team is comprised of creatives, Game engineers, Cloud Engineers, Hardware Engineers and many interrelated industries. When working together we make the best possible solutions come in to make the final product. Our core strength is Computer Graphics and our Engineering team is one of the best in India. 



A.R.Rahman, Academy Award Winner

"Viga successfully delivered commendable results for a challenging storyline using real-time filmmaking. The team blended expertise in creativity, technology and hardware engineering which made the process very organized. India as a country will be producing high-quality real-time content for the world and it is great to see startups such as Viga Entertainment Technology pioneering in it."


Ben Grossman , CEO ,


If the problem can't be solved properly in the time permitted, they can design a solution that works around the obstacle, or changes the problem to suit the opportunity, delivering the same results.


Vangelis Lympouridis, CEO,

Enosis VR

They have exceptional talent in VFX graphics and low-level rendering both real-time and offline and have wealth of knowledge at low level mathematical and algorithmic methods.


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