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Who are WE?

We are passionate engineers based in the silicon valley of India - Bengaluru. We love art and science, so we strive to bring them together to produce memorable entertainment. We believe in helping creators from different cultures tell their stories without being hindered by access to technology. Our mission is to enable that, and every day we inch closer to achieving it.

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Academy Award Winner

"Viga successfully delivered commendable results for a challenging storyline using real-time filmmaking. The team blended expertise in creativity, technology and hardware engineering which made the process very organized. India as a country will be producing high-quality real-time content for the world and it is great to see startups such as Viga Entertainment Technology pioneering in it."

Ben Grossman


“If the problem can't be solved properly in the time permitted, they can design a solution that works around the obstacle, or changes the problem to suit the opportunity, delivering the same results.”

Vangelis Lympouridis

CEO-Enosis VR

“They have exceptional talent in VFX graphics and low-level rendering both real-time and offline and have wealth of knowledge at low level mathematical and algorithmic methods.”

Why Choose Us?

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Co-Founder & CTO






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We are a team of experienced and dedicated professionals passionate about creating cutting-edge CG and Real Time solutions for the entertainment industry. With our advanced technology and expertise, we offer a wide range of services including 3D modeling, animation, virtual reality, and augmented reality. Engaging and capturing audiences through high-quality, immersive experiences is our mission. We pride ourselves on providing personalized and customized solutions tailored to our clients' specific demands, and we strive to exceed their expectations. Join us on this exciting journey as we revolutionize the entertainment industry with our services!


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First Company in India to work on OTT content using RTMS (real-time movie studio)




The goal of pre-visualization is to help clients and production teams visualize the final product and identify any potential issues or areas for improvement early in the production process. By creating a detailed and accurate 3D model or animation of the project, pre-visualization can help identify problems with camera angles, lighting, pacing, and other factors that may affect the final product.



The visualization process typically begins with a consultation with the client to understand their needs and objectives, followed by concept art, storyboarding, and 3D modeling. The final product may include animated scenes, product simulations, architectural visualizations, virtual reality experiences, and more. The end result is a high-quality visual representation of the client's vision that can be used for marketing, promotion, and entertainment purposes.


Final Pixels

Rendering is the process of converting 3D models and scenes into 2D images or animations. Compositing involves combining multiple layers of images and footage to create a final, seamless visual product. This process can involve color correction, special effects, and other techniques to enhance the final product. Editing involves assembling the final product from the rendered and composited components, ensuring that the final product meets the client's specifications and exceeds their expectations.


Music Videos

It involves creating stunning visuals to accompany musical compositions, using a combination of computer-generated graphics, animation, and live-action footage. The process of creating a music video involves collaborating closely with the artist or their representatives to understand their vision and objectives. This is followed by a series of steps, including storyboarding, previsualization, filming, editing, and post-production.

What we can provide for you?

Real Time Motion Studio

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