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Illuminated Spaces: Real-Time Lighting for Architectural Design

Project type

Interior Design


Nov 2022



Our recent endeavor, "Illuminated Spaces," revolved around providing advanced lighting solutions for a client's interior design project. This assignment entailed rendering the architecture and designing the interiors for a specific location, with a significant focus on the quality and realism of lighting.

To achieve the high standards set by the client, we utilized Unreal Engine for real-time rendering. This choice allowed us to not only present the lighting in a dynamic and realistic manner but also to test different lighting scenarios effectively. The real-time aspect was crucial in facilitating immediate visual feedback, enabling us to adapt and refine the lighting to match the client's vision accurately.

Furthermore, the project included the strategic placement of various furniture pieces, adding depth and realism to the interior spaces. This approach provided the client with a comprehensive view of the potential layouts and designs, allowing them to envision the final result more clearly.

One of the key advantages of using a real-time game engine in this project was the flexibility it offered. We were able to make instant adjustments to both the lighting and environmental settings, ensuring that the client could explore various options and make informed decisions about their interior space.

"Illuminated Spaces" is not just a testament to our technical expertise in using cutting-edge tools but also demonstrates our commitment to delivering tailored solutions that meet our clients' specific needs. This project exemplifies how real-time technology can be leveraged to enhance architectural and interior design, providing clients with a powerful tool to visualize and refine their spaces.

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