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We Are

Creative Technologists


We combine the best of both worlds to bring ideal solutions to the world of Entertainment

We offer a wide range of solutions as long as it involves Computer Graphics. Some of our popular services to clients include

Means of Communication

Real time rendering 


Application development using Graphics APIs like Vulkan


Developing application for VR/AR hardware

Virtual Production

Real time movies, LED wall rendering, digital humans

Scientific VIZ

CAD and Scientific application visualization



Cloud pipelines for movies and databases for production with CI/CD


For studios that require scalable media services 

Cloud AR

Architecture for AR cloud applications with Anchors


Distributed rendering setups in the cloud for movie, games 

Machine learning

Open CV

Computer vision applications that use real time rendering


Supervised and unsupervised learning

Face capture

Expression capture and training using ML


Crowd simulation and locomotion using AI 



AHrdware plugins for game engine communciation and networking 


Custom hardware for virtual production or LED media visulization


For interactive expereinces with real time rendeirng


For setting up custom expereinces of any kind related to entertainment or science 

AR/VR Application Development 

Our team has good experience in Location-based Entertainment projects, we are capable of handling complex AR/VR projects in the following requirements :

  • Developing architecture for the Project 

  • Game engine Agnostic (Both Unity and Unreal ) 

  • Integration of Computer Vision or Machine learning-based algorithms. 

  • Shader Programming for efficient rendering. 

  • Rendering optimization for better performance. 

  • Network programming and integration to Cloud.


Virtual Production Pipeline 

Virtual Production in recent years has been an active area for film production, music videos as well as Game cinematics, we can cater to the following requirements : 

  • Cloud pipeline programming 

  • Plugin development for Unity/Unreal 

  • Custom hardware integration with communication protocols. 

  • LED-wall setup and multi GPU rendering. 

  • Real-time mocap with body and face capture. 

  • Digital Humans capture and processing. 

  • Data optimization for real-time rendering in Game Engines

Above the Clouds

Scientific Visualization

Science has been at the forefront of making any art possible, our team is capable of simulating any requirements including the following :

  • Research paper implementations and collaborations. 

  • Space science simulation for training and research. 

  • Creating ML models for data science. 

  • Processing computational heavy data with parallel processing. 

  • Cloud rendering and processing along with integration. 

  • Visualization of complex data in AR and VR

Halftone Image of Crowd
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