Rap Music Performance

Meta Musicals

As technology progresses for digital humans, Viga Entertainment Technology with its Real time movie studio is launching a new content creation platform called ' Meta Musicals ' for next gen Dancers.


With cutting edge technology hardware and software stack dancers/choreographers can use our infrastructure to make unique content that was never possible before.Here is an example of what was created by a team based in the US.

We are offering a free session where our production manager will be showcasing how the tech stack works in RTMS and the wide variety of content that is now possible.

Requesting all the artists who are interested to try it out to get an understanding of this new tech stack.

We offer our free sessions on Saturdays to come to take a look and are welcome to bring in friends.
Interested artists can please book a slot here in this Google form.

Looking forward to seeing you.
Thank you.