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At Viga Entertainment Technology, a team of passionate and visionary professionals, led by electronic engineers Vivek and Sujay, embarked on a journey in 2019 to redefine storytelling by harnessing the power of virtual production and computer graphics services. They believed that stories are the threads that bind us together, transcending borders and cultures, and that the innovative technology developed at Viga could help bring these stories to life on diverse digital canvases.

The team at Viga is driven by their passion for math, science, physics, engineering, machine learning, and generative AI to create groundbreaking solutions in the realm of virtual production and computer graphics. As they delved deeper into replicating reality visually, their appreciation for the beauty and intricacies of nature grew, fueling their pursuit of excellence.

In their quest to revolutionize storytelling, Viga Entertainment Technology developed a state-of-the-art Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS) called RTMS. This cloud-based platform offers media and entertainment companies a secure, scalable, and efficient infrastructure to manage their digital assets and workflows. By providing cutting-edge solutions, Viga helps creators weave their stories and share them with the world through various digital mediums.

Moreover, the team at Viga Entertainment Technology is pioneering the next generation of digital humans, propelling the industry forward and shaping the future of interactive storytelling. Through their relentless innovation, they have earned their place as a leader in the entertainment industry.

In the inspiring and professional world of Viga Entertainment Technology, stories come alive, and technology serves as a catalyst to unite us all. Whether you are a customer seeking the best in virtual production and computer graphics or a talented individual looking to join a team that is making a tangible difference, Viga offers a world of opportunities.

Join the exceptional team at Viga as they continue to push the boundaries of storytelling and celebrate the power of human connection. Welcome to the focused, enriching, and innovative world of Viga Entertainment Technology.

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Welcome to our Careers page! We are an entertainment technology company passionate about creating immersive entertainment experiences for audiences worldwide. We offer exciting opportunities for talented individuals to join our team in areas such as 3D modeling and animation, game design and development, software engineering, project management, and more. Browse our current job openings and submit your resume and cover letter to join our team.

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